Thursday, July 26, 2007

Quinoa Explosion

KABOOM!!! I like that when my kids are feeling bored they entertain themselves in ways that I definitely wouldn't have thought about.

I Like To Draw On Myself

All body art was done by themselves.
Like they were putting on the war paint in preparation for battle.

I Like To Draw With Chalk

I've said it before, but Xavier's drawing skills have really been amazing Chris and me. It is so great to see his interpretations of life through his drawings. Life according to Xavier. I love being an observer to this process. I'm not wanting to impart any of my "knowledge" and mess up his organic creativity. Not that I have any great pointers in regards to drawing. Lucky for him. He should be teaching me. And he does, everyday. The following are his "Robot Collection."

This one looks like a Picasso to me. Xavi said he wanted him to look scary with his twisty legs and one eye.
Can you find his name in here?

This one is my favorite.
Just so you know, the stuff coming out of his head in orange is monster juice.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Better Late Than Never

Well, at the pestering of some of my blog readers (gee, so demanding) I decided to update the blog with a little bit of the going on's around here. Sorry for the time lapse between posts. When I started this blog I told myself that I would do it only when I had time for it and that it had to be fun, not a chore. Lately it's been a chore. Too much summer excitement to soak up in a day (as you will see below.) Hope you too are livin' it up in the summer sun.Nothing better that eating fruit fresh from the Farmer's Market
Cherry face!! Xavi has a bad habit of parking it under a table and gorging himself on the boxes of cherries while Chris and I are paying. He has the evidence all over that pretty little face of his.

Swimming at Grandma's

Bubble blowing excitement at the Summer Solstice party at Julie's house. To look at more pics see Julie or Teri's blog.

At the Natural History Museum

We visited our friends The Harvey's at their new home site in Brighton. So beautiful and peaceful. Xavier and Eden had fun dressing up. Here is "Brave Firefighter Xavi" as he likes to call himself.

At the drive-in. Cup O' Popcorn in hand. Popcorn is definitely a favorite food for Soleil. We saw "Ratatouille." Very cute.

Xavier has been amazing me with his artwork. He will be outside on the patio drawing for over an hour and when I come out the whole patio will be filled with drawing such as this. He said this drawing was one with he and I in it. To me it looks like I (the bigger one) is tickling him on the arm. Tickle, Tickle. :)


Swimming at Teri's for the 4th of July.