Saturday, November 15, 2008

list of loves

in need of a good soul scrubbing i am going to bathe myself in gratitude.
taking a cue from a neato blog i love, i too am going to list my top 100 favorite things, in no particular order.
deep breath.
here goes.

1. red painted metal
2. yerba mate
3. curls
4. the beach
5. snow cones
6. brightly colored skirts
7. ballerinas
8. loud drums
9. rust
10. pictures of feet
11. craigslist
12. dancing
13. date nights
14. holiday lights
15. cookbooks
16. lavender
17. co-ops
18. waterfalls
19. airports
20. vintage
21. wooden spoons
22. holding hands
23. vegan chocolate cake
24. thrift stores
25. bamboo knitting needles
26. yoga class
27. massages
28. inside jokes
29. volkswagon vehicles
30. new packs of markers
31. restaurant reviews
32. beads
33. sweater jackets
34. thai food
35. food processors
36. girl power
37. wine
38. drive ins
39. stars
40. hippies
41. the number 5
42. my birthday
43. eyelashes
44. the library
45. public transportation
46. bare feet
47. clothes shopping
48. ballerina flats
49. almonds
50. fig trees
51. holidays
52. book clubs
53. flannel sheets
54. fireplaces
55. dormer windows
56. toys from the 80's
57. modern furniture
58. old houses
59. walking in the city
60. animal adoption fairs
61. hammocks
62. fireworks
63. very large trees
64. russian sage
65. bakeries
66. margaritas
67. outdoor concerts
68. the smell of coffee
69. electric cars
70. birthday parties
71. reading blogs
72. non profit groups
73. photography
74. cooking
75. NPR
76. midwives
77. trade schools
78. zune player
79. soap
80. good lighting
81. irony
82. controlled chaos
83. belly casts
84. oatmeal
85. menus
86. white noise
87. green building
88. pacman
89. wish lists
90. late nights
91. farmers market
92. parks
93. road trips
94. lemonade
95. graffiti
96. whimsy
97. museums
98. my friends
99. my family
100. you

Monday, November 10, 2008

what he said....

lately, i have been steaming over the passing of prop 8 in california and can't fathom why people are so damn mean. this commentary puts into words what i have been thinking this past week.
watch and act accordingly.
keith, i want my name in the book of love!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

:: yellow snow ::

xavier: aubrey, is snow a healthy food?

aubrey: well, it's not really a food, it's just frozen water.

xavier: oh, so you mean it's edible.

it cracked me up that my barely five year old used the word edible in the right context within a sentence. chris chalks up some of xavi's wide vocabulary to hanging out with trev who amazes us with his very advanced and varied word usage.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

can't stop smiling

peace wins.

kindness rules the day.

love is alive.

As I hold my son on my lap watching President Obama, my heart is full and my eyes are teary. I can now give my children the promise that change and hope are never extinct. I have seen the unbelievable with my own eyes. I have witnessed history. I have seen that when we stand up together and join our voices and our hearts, nothing is out of reach.

Monday, November 3, 2008

the little vote that could

i've been quiet lately, i know.
i've been very distracted by this upcoming election, moving, and frozen yogurt.
can you even believe that election day is tomorrow?
i am letting myself feel pretty confident that things are going to go my (and america's) way and am pretty sure that i won't be eating my words on wednesday morning.
go hope!

here is my plea:
vote, vote, vote!
if you have already voted, you are awesome, but make sure you are doubly awesome and take some food and drink to those in long voting lines. or, drive all your friends to the polls. or, make calls and emails to everyone you know and remind them to use their magical voting powers.

alright, that all i got right now.