Tuesday, October 21, 2008

again, again

here's me drawing in a huge breath of it's happening again.

here's me boxing our things and separating them into piles going to moms or the storage unit.

here's me with a heavy heart thinking of being apart from our pups for two long months.

here's me hopeful that they are showered with so many daily walks and cuddles that they forget all about us for awhile....almost.

here's me looking at the silver lining and being grateful for the financial breathing room.

here's me praying that we don't wear out our welcome.

here's me doing all those annoying must-do moving tasks such as collecting boxes from garbage bins all over the city and filling out change of address forms.

here's me rolling my eyes at myself for being a tad bit worried about what others will think.

here's me summoning any kind of strength i can receive that will help me get through one more move.

here's me dreading all the accompanying melt downs and temper tantrums that go hand in hand with switching addresses. and i'm not even talking about the kids.

here's me being obsessive compulsive about packing the boxes just so and not letting anyone help because they just don't do it right.

here's me listing all the junk we keep in the garage on craigslist cause i just don't want to move it. plastic swimming pool anyone?

here's me thinking that we are crazy people to sign up to move again in two months.

here's me begging the money gods for some sort of raise so we can actually afford something other than a studio in the hood.

here's me putting on a brave face for my children so they aren't scarred for life for our gypsy ways.

here's me filling my late, late nights with maniac gossip girl watching because i just don't feel like being productive. (did i really just confess to watching gossip girl? i meant, um, i'm watching something cooler and more mature than that.)

here's me with a heart full of gratitude for parents and friends that will always be out rock.

and finally, here's me hoping that in the next week my children will learn the art of voice modulation so we don't get kicked out of mom's house for being too damned noisy.

(my fingers are so crossed.)

UPDATED: just to be clear-no, my mom didn't give us an ultimatum that we either be quiet or else, i am just expressing my hopes that they will be. my mom has been nothing but generous and wonderful. we love you....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the in between

apparently we didn't put our trust in jesus in regards to our tires since our rear tire blew out on our way out of san diego.
next time, i promise.

um, hello october. your here rather early.
aren't you?
i swear there has got to be some sort of mix-up.
i still had a lot of summerish stuff to do and here you are shoving fall in my face.
i have a major craving for more peaches, and tomatoes, and while i am asking, another trip to the ocean would be nice too. usually by this time i am saying yay! fall is here! but not this year.
at least not yet.

well, i suppose that might be a small lie, cause i did can things in jars. that's a fallish activity. and i did pull out halloween decorations today. another activity that is reserved only for fall.


so i am halfway there between summer and fall. i sorta feel that i am always in the in between.

and while i am whining, is there anything more gross than fruit flies nesting on your toothbrush?
i think not.

they must have not gotten the memo that fall is here either.

shoo fly.