Sunday, January 27, 2008

floating thoughts

not cohesive enough to be formed..............

be the peace i seek
i am open to giving and receiving love
loved ones
shift and change

listen to my intuition /heart


how would i be without that thought??

get on your feet

love love love

Friday, January 25, 2008


I have been in need of a haircut, badly. Like, the last time it was cut was August and my hair grows like a weed. It was getting yucky and stringy on the ends and it was way too easy to distinguish the dead and healthy hair. Like, ewww.

I know it's time for a cutting when my hair doesn't come down from a barrette. Poor hair wants to see the light of day, stretch it's roots-and I shut it all up in a bun on the back of my head. Poor, poor hair.
Since I am a curly girl in a straight hair world it has taken me 27 years to find someone I trust with my hair. Most hairdressers see naturally curly hair and immediately want to straighten it, cause that's what they know. The other's just don't seem to know what the hell they are doing and just trim it all willynilly and call it good. I have always wanted a style, a hair identity if you will. I wanted pizazz. I wanted someone to embrace my curly-haired bad ass self, and in turn I too could love my springs.

And then I found her. She rocks my socks, and six months ago when I sat in her chair I felt like I was the Queen in the Curly Girl Palace. She totally got it. She loved my curls, I loved my curls. My world was good. I left her salon with a bag of tricks and the confidence that my hair was just as good a straight haired gals any day. Maybe better.

Then six months passes without a visit to the Curl Goddess and my hair is like, totally ewww. She is booked up 2 months and I can't stand myself for the next 2 minutes. What's a girl to do? Why grab the scissors of course! (Something I promised mother I would never, ever do. Sorry ma. )

So, I get to cutting a few loose ends and while I'm at it I might as well trim up front too....Oh, and right her could use a little snip.....and here........and here too......

This goes on over the course of a few days. Until I end up here,

I am really working the supermodel pout. And it actually looks cute and springy when it' s still a little wet, but once it dries-BOING- I have a poodle on my head.

Aw, well. Not like I leave the house that much. And my hair does grow like a weed. And I did save us about $80 bucks, so I'll just chalk it up to learning experience but leave the next cut to the Goddess. Better make that appointment now.

Oh, but before I go. The DIY fever caught on with Chris (see picture above) and he decided he needed a super sweet mohawk in order to join the punk rock realtor club at work, man. Or, he just ran out of hot water and patience in the shower.

You choose.


just some pictures i like from the past month........

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

most excellent

My kind, beautiful friend Steph over at Happy and Free presented me with an Excellent Blog Award and I am so honored and touched that she even reads my blog let alone thinks it deserving of an excellent rating. Thanks Steph, your blog is most excellent too.

When will I get my check?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

what'd you say?

I don't think there is any thing funnier than hearing your child try to sound out what the heck word is KFC.

At first I was wondering what all that cursin' in the back seat was for.

Friday, January 18, 2008

a list of some things about my week

1. I cannot stop eating jellied orange candies (you know the ones that look like orange slices?) Despite the funky aftertaste I get now, possibly from eating too many, I continue to eat them, and eat them, and eat them. They just called out my name at the grocery store and when food calls out to you at the grocery store you have no choice but to listen and obey. Am I right?

2. Color is totally rad this week. I have needed to see bright colors clash and mesh together all over the house. Great fun.

3. I have been catching up with previous episodes of Ugly Betty. It rocks my socks. Hilarious.

4. I have eaten out at least once a day since most of my kitchen is still in boxes and there is practically no food to be found, except of course orange candy which I've been taking full advantage of. Good thing there are so many yum in my tum restaurants, although I am starting to have a major craving for a good home cooked meal. Must go grocery shopping.

5. Soleil has gotten really good at saying "your FIRED!" She and Xavi could go on and on for hours in the backseat of the car yelling, "your fired." "No, your fired." "No, your fired." It is really awesome to hear the seventy sixth time at top volume while trying to make a left hand turn in the snow. It makes me want to fire myself.

6. I'm pretty much just listing stuff from the past day, not the past week cause who really remembers what happened yesterday let alone in the past week. Not I. So, I think I will make my exit and say the end.

Dude, there are orange candies calling...........

Thursday, January 17, 2008

the fortune cookie says.........

what pleasant news would you like to hear???

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

settling in

We are here. The new house that is. We are tired, but happy, and extremely grateful and relieved that we have a cozy, warm, happy place to live. We must also mention our gratitude to all those that lent a hand in our efforts. We could not have done it without you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We are slowly settling in. The stacks of boxes to the ceiling are gradually coming down and we now have a small path to the bathroom.
We added some bright and colorful furniture from IKEA to our old mix of stuff and it instantly made the front room wild and fun.
I prefer to live amongst lots of color and this home has the most eclectic palette yet.

So, a New Year, a New Home, a New Job, a New Start.

Things are, like totally, looking up.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


The first words out of her mouth this morning are, "Daddy. Daddy, Where? Work?"

"Yes, my sweets. He's at work."

I sigh a big one. It will be a long day.

It's 9:10 pm, the kids are in their PJ's watching Dora on the computer. Settling into the idea of sleep. Soleil's nursing. We hear the door open. There is relief in the air.
Finally, Daddy's home.

The past few months it's been more often then not that the kids (and I) don't see him until moments before they go to bed. If at all. 6 days a week. It's wearing on us all.

"I will be late tomorrow too. I am writing up a contract. What's that face for? What's the matter?"

The dam bursts open and I let it all hang out. He's the first person I have talked to face to face all day. I am exhausted. Really exhausted. I'm panicking about all that I haven't done today. I'm sick of picking up the same mess over and over. I'm hungry from not eating a real meal all day. Just spoon fulls of this or that. I have a huge zit on my cheek and it hurts. I'm stressed that our house will be foreclosed upon next week before we can get a shortsale offer in. I feel trapped without a car. I'm not sure how we are going to move all our stuff cause we haven't arranged for a truck. Most of all I just want him home to help. To play with the kids. To hug. I miss him, and it's so hard to hear the kids ask when Daddy's coming home. And I'm tired.


And then I say more that I don't mean. The minute I say it I wish I could shove the words back in my mouth and swallow then whole, never to be seen (or heard) again. I know where his buttons are and I've pushed them. He's mad and stalks off. I feel like a putz.

Soleil's tired. First she wants to say goodnight to her Daddy. He walks up to snuggle her while still in my arms. She gives him a huge kiss, then gives me a kiss. Then, she pushes Chris' and my heads together. There is still tension and anger. We hesitate. She pushes hard and we are forced to meet lips.

She kisses Dad, kisses Mom, and again shoves our stubborn heads together. This time we giggle. And kiss.
Again. Again. Repeat. Repeat.

Now we are laughing. And kissing. Soleil looks up at her parents. She smiles. She is satisfied that her work is done. The job is finished. She is now ready to hit the hay.

The anger and hateful words seem to melt far, far away.


"Aubrey, only 6 more sleeps until we move to that new house!"

Everything is counted down by how many sleeps we have until the big day. And the big moving day is approaching too quickly. I have packed, well, not much. I get sidetracked, or procrastinate, or I'm just plain ol' too busy with all the stuff that takes up my day, everyday.

I am so glad and happy that Xavi is excited to make this move. The kid has moved around, a LOT. More than a kid should and I feel quite guilty about it. But he seems to be braving the move with joy and thinking of it as a wild adventure. His attitude has been a nice reminder to be brave when facing change, to take this move on with gratitude that we are opening the next chapter of our lives. And I know this chapter will be the juiciest yet.

So with that, I really should pack.

But only after dinner...........

Monday, January 7, 2008

new abode

Yippee! We found somewhere wonderful to live and I couldn't be happier. Such a relief to know the where and whens after so much uncertainty. I have been doing the doggy paddle for so long and to finally know that we've made it to shore (a nice cozy shore in a good area too!) is a ginormous weight off my shoulders.

So, who's coming over to help me pack?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

the glass is half full

I love my kids and their takes on life.

For example, today, sunny girl was reaching into the candy jar to help herself to a nutritious and filling lunch of left over candy canes when Xavi caught wind of the situation and promptly followed suit.

Except, gasp, there was only a part of a candy cane left.

Was there a candy cane throwing, screaming -while-kicking-the-cabinets -melt-down, you ask??


He just shrugs, rips it open and says:

Ah well, half a candy cane is better than nothin'.

Your right there little son, oh so right.


Oh, yes. With all my silly stuff earlier I almost forgot the most important stuff of all.

The Story Of Stuff

Everyone and their Mom, and dog, should watch this.

In fact, my dogs are watching right now and taking notes.

Mom, get to it.

remember me?

I suppose I gave myself a nice, looong holiday break. I know you have all been impatiently waiting for my darling pictures of my kiddos unwrapping their gifts with glee, but quite frankly I'm a tad over it.

You see, all of my decorations, tree and all, where down at approximately 11:00 am on December 26th and not a speck of tinsel or wrapping could be found.
You know, like the Grinch.
I really love the holidays. The magic and excitement are, well, magical and exciting-but it can also be much too overwhelming for yours truly. So, I dare say I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the clock hit midnight on Christmas. Yippee! No more craft marathons till 2 in the morning!
Oh, but please take heart: I really, truly looove making crafts. I just won't be doing any for a month's time. To recuperate.

So what exactly have I been doing with these nice big chunks of craft-free time?

Well, glad you asked.

I have been laughing my behind off here: List of the Day. Seriously, I wet my unmentionables I was laughing so hard. (Let's keep that between us, shall we?) Don't blame me if you don't think it's funny. It just means you don't have my peculiar sense o' humor.

I have been literally sucked into this blog here. The Pioneer Woman just tickles my funny bone. She is highly amusing and her pictures are stunning. If you get 12.3 hours to read her story
Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, I highly recommend you do just that. Seriously it will take you 12.3 hours to read it in it's entirety, so just forget about the mounting dish pile and dirty laundry heap. That's what I did and I ain't sorry.

I also have been reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire. I was not so impressed the first 50 pages or so, but I am slowly starting to warm up to the story. Why don't you read it so we can chat about it later, huh?

Craigslist has also become a major part of my life at the moment as we are desperately seeking a new abode. Gee, you would think instead of busying myself up with goofy websites and sappy love stories I would, like, you know, pack some boxes.

Well, that's a good idea and all, but it's just not real,um, fun.

So, I'll just stay in my bubble of denial that we should be moving in a week and keep on laughing till I pee.